Improve Your Social Media Engagement

Earlier today I was on Facebook, and knowing there are better methods to get businesses noticed on social media, I began paying close attention to what effective businesses do. To get the most out of Facebook and other social media websites, you should to follow the trends and changes in the product.

I have been using Facebook since early 2007 and have noticed many changes—improvements and failures. There are a few ways that you as a business owner can ensure your efforts are getting positive results.


Before I get into depth about different tips and tricks, you must dissect your business and find out if you would truly gain from the social media experience, or if your efforts are better focussed on more traditional methods of marketing. If you are a photographer, Facebook is a great way to promote your portfolio and get your name out there. If you manufacture circuit boards for a single component of a vehicle, Facebook might not be the best way to promote your business.


Some will say that the most effective form of advertising is repetition. In social media, this could not be farther from the truth. Social media is a form of marketing where people choose to hear what you have to say. If you only talk about your business and products, clients and potential clients will quickly become annoyed and choose to “unfollow” your business. Today, I saw a business that posted 25 times, and if that is not overly excessive, 16 of those posts were about their business!

The 80/20 rule is a great way to know what to share. Out of every 10 posts you make, eight should be loosely associated industry content and only two that are directly about your business or products. Associated industry content would be photos, links, articles that give people a grasp on your industry. A retail clothing store may post an article encouraging people to donate their clothing to a local second hand clothing store when they are done with it.

Posting TOO MUCH.

You might have guessed this would be the next subheading, so here it is. Posting too often will most likely have a negative impact on your efforts. If people are not hiding your posts because they are annoyed, Facebook will surely show them to fewer people. We find, the more interaction your receive from a post, the more likely people will see your stuff. Post between three to seven times a week and try and post during peak usage hours.

Proper Content.

Over time, Facebook has followed Google’s lead by making it all about content. No longer can you share cute pictures of cats and expect that it will impact your business positively. Now, it’s almost all about content and content that is being shared for the right reason. Content should be geared toward your industry and be short and to the point. Use photos that relate to your industry and products. GoPro, a mobile and versatile camera, posts a daily photo that is submitted by their customers. Posts that generate interaction, do the best on social media. Ask a question, or give instructions to “like”, “share” or “comment” on your post. Interaction generates interaction, which leads to more views, which leads to more traffic and page likes.


When posting, commenting and replying to posts on social media as a business, you represent that business. Avoid sharing posts that generate negative emotions in people like a controversial cultural topics, political posts, anti-this or pro-that. Make your conversation positive and helpful for those reading. Respond quickly if a potential client has a question or a current client has a problem.

I hope this article helps you gain more traffic on your social media page. Do you know another business that may benefit from reading this article? Share to your social media network by clicking a button below.


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